The latest data released by the Ministry of Health of India that day showed that in the past 24 hours, India had newly confirmed 65002 cases and 996 new deaths. As of 8 a.mpowerball winning numbers for wednesday. local time, more than 2.5 million cases have been diagnosed across India, and the cumulative deaths are close to 50,000.

The traces of the times will always be deeply imprinted in literary and artistic works, and some can be seen at a glance from the rise and fall of various literary and artistic forms, such as Han Fu, Jin characters, Tang poems, Song poetry, Yuan opera, and Ming and Qing novels. Within the same literary and artistic form, the style of the era is also very distinct. Taking calligraphy as an example, there are sayings that the people of the Jin Dynasty Shangyun, the Tang people Shangfa, the Song people Shangyi, and the Yuan and Ming Dynasty Shangtai, which show the obvious style of the times. It is caused by the inevitable phenomenon of aesthetic convergence in any period. That is to say, different political, economic, and cultural backgrounds in different times will produce different aesthetic trends of the times. "Yan Shou Huan Fei is a good footnote to the different aesthetic pursuits of Han and Tang.

When you have 20 numbers, if you stop counting in the area, and then want to regain the correct value of the two values ​​and the position, the astronomical odd numbers become useless. In addition, my PC loop does not want to calculate by combining 20 numbers with 535,983,370,403,809,682,970.

The large decrease in the alcohol confiscated by Indian police turned out to be because they were drinking it secretly. Bihar in eastern India began to ban the sale and consumption of alcohol last year. The police also confiscated more than 900,000 liters of alcohol after the ban went on the road. However, the authorities have recently discovered that the liquor kept by the police has decreased significantly. Surprisingly, the response of the local police pointed out that the missing liquor was drunk by rats. According to the “India” report, the head of Bielha State, Kumar, stated that the prohibition order was created to reduce domestic violence, harassment and poverty. After being on the road in April 2016, the police began to confiscate a large amount of alcohol, and It is also increasing. Many police stations have to rent warehouses outside to store wine due to insufficient space. Statistics show that at least thousands of bottles of wine are confiscated every day. Over the past year, more than 40,000 people have been arrested. Recently, however, the authorities have also discovered that many police stations have confiscated and kept alcohol reduced inexplicably. Patna’s police chief Maharaj pointed out that according to the investigation results of his subordinates, the disappeared alcohol should have been drunk by rats, but he personally I don't believe that the mouse will twist the cork of the wine bottle to drink. Now the senior management has ordered a thorough investigation of the matter. All police stations have to regularly count the amount of confiscated alcohol, and police officers have to take alcohol tests.

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The Indian government, which regards the cow as a god, actually issued an ID card to the cow! The Indian government proposed to the Supreme Court on the 24th a bill to issue "identity cards" to cattle to curb cattle smuggling activities inside and outside the country. The report pointed out that every cow and its descendants in India should wear a special "identity card" made of plastic. The label on which records the detailed information of each cow, including age, breed, gender, height, color, horn type and special marks, etc. Many believers in India regard cattle as a sacred object, making many federal laws prohibiting cattle slaughter. Violations of the law will result in heavy fines and imprisonment. Even in certain administrative regions, cross-state transportation of cattle is considered illegal. After the rights organization petitioned to stop cattle smuggling, the Ministry of the Interior set up a working group to propose a solution. Ipowerball winning numbers for wednesdayndia’s “ANI News” reported that the report submitted by the authorities to the court stated that each cow and its offspring should be given a unique ID card for tracking purposes. It also emphasized the need to provide special plans for farmers to treat cows over milking age. Only special care is given. At present, the animal husbandry department has sent nearly 10,000 technicians to put special labels on the ears of 50,000 cows. The government's policy on cows is such that it makes netizens laugh and say that it shouldn't be surprising that cows will be given a pension someday.

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At present, the capital has closed all border areas with other states, and many subway entrances and exits have also been closed due to farmers' protests. Due to the excessive number of protesters, the Indian media "Asia International News" (ANI) reported on the 27th that the Indian police applied for 9 stadiums as "temporary prisons."