The man said: "I plan to pay off the loan first so that I don't lotto resultshave any debts. Winning the lottery has completely changed my life. I will continue to buy lottery tickets in the future."

The National Lottery is all about numbers – choosing the right ones for a big win. Typically, a jackpot winner has always expected to claim at least £1m. Yet in the 22 years since its foundation, there has been some strange anomalies. Here are some peculiar and interesting National Lottery facts with which to amaze your friends.

Yesterday, it added a new function, which uses the (1,3) equation to generate a small stream in the Runa group of 3 switch settings. Running 20 generations will generate a small stream of about 40 combinations.

"Recently, according to the British "Mirror" news, in early October, the lottery company Camelot announced a 40-minute wrong winning number ("EuroMillions" lottery) on its official website. Among the 29 winners in the current period, To date, there are still 4 million-dollar prize winners who have not shown up to claim their prizes. British media claimed that because of the lottery company's mistakes, the 4 winners erroneously tore up the lottery tickets.

A spokesman for the lottery company, Kampinon, said: "We are very excited. Now a resident of Western Australia has won the first prize of 20 million Australian dollars."

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The $640 million winning woman refused to share the money and received death threats (photo)