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Xinhua News Agency reported that after the "EuroMillions" lottery was drawn on March 25, the official website called out an "Oolong" and made a mistake on the lucky number, which aroused the anger of many netizens. The website subsequently apologized. The first prize in this issue was 19 million. In the British Pound (US$27.3 million) lottery, the two lucky numbers originally drawn from the lottery machine were 5 and 8, but the official website of the lottery was wrongly written as 5 and 6, which left many lottery players who bought this lottery at a loss. A lottery player said that during the draw, he found that he had only won two basic numbers without a lucky number. The winning amount was £3.2 (US$4.6), but when checked on the website, he found that he had won another lucky number, and the bonus changed. For 5.8 pounds (8.3 US dollars), I was very confused about this. After discovering the error, the EuroMillions lottery website apologized and said that the lucky number was corrected, which caused many lottery players who found the winning through the website to be empty. I hope no one has lost a huge bonus for this. "A Lottery said (Liu Xi) Author: Liu Xi __ ( ': //..//2016-04/02/_3164620')

Washington, December 2 (Reporter Zhou Zhou) NASA said on the 2nd that it had discovered the wreckage of India’s Chandraya 2 lander. On September 7th, the Lunar Ship 2 lander lost contact when it tried to make a soft landing on the lunar surface. The Indian Space Research Organization has since tried several times to restore communication to no avail.

On the 28th local time, Zhang Ben, a 55-year-old Vietnamese man, received the first prize of 60 million Canadian dollars in Alberta, Canada.

It turned out that in a short period of 5 months, McDonald was arrested twice for smuggling and smoking heroin. For the first time, Mary spent $3 million on bail; just recently, McDonald was arrested again and Mary spent another $6 million on bail. In just a few months, Mary spent $9 million (57 million) on bail for her fiancé.

The mpowerball pran used lucky numbers to buy a ticket in Auckland last month, and put it in his wallet and forgot.

According to data from the Ministry of Health of India, although the current cumulative number of confirmed cases in India exceeds 6 million and the number of deaths is close to 100,000, the cumulative number of COVID-19 cases cured in India as of the 28th has exceeded 5 million. On September 22, India’s newly cured new crown cases exceeded 100,000, setting a record for the country’s highest number of new cures in a single day. According to Indian media reports, India’s cumulative COVID-19 mortality rate was kept at a low level, only around 1.6%; the capital’s COVID-19 mortality rate was less than 1% in the past 10 days. Previously, this value in the city was as high as 4%.

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According to reports, wasting refers to the fact that weight is too low compared to height, reflecting acute malnutrition. Stunting refers to the fact that children under 5 years of age are below the normal age standard, reflecting long-term malnutrition.